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Classic Lobster Buoys – $11 and up

Our solid cedar (renowned for its decay resistance) lobster buoys are crafted in Maine from northern Maine cedar. Each is hand-cut and therefore unique. The shape and rough texture replicate antique buoys. The buoy itself is 4 3/8” x 4 3/8” x 10” and has a 6” cedar handle, 16” total. The rope handle is an actual piece of used lobster trap rope provided by lobstermen.

Your buoy can be Unstained or Stained. (Unstained buoys can be painted or stained to meet your needs or left to “weather”). Our buoys branded with MAINE are exactly that. We had a brand made which we heat and then burn MAINE into the wood. The result is a distinct and rustic appearance.

Unstained buoys are available; 1. no lettering, or 2. branded with the word MAINE (1” high letters recessed 1/8” into the cedar).

Stained buoys require two decisions. First lettering; 1. without lettering, or 2. branded with MAINE, or 3. hand-stamped with up to 6, ¾” letters and / or numbers (slightly recessed into the cedar). Then you get to select both your Buoy Color (main body color) and Body and Accent Color (buoy end and handle tip). We offer 8 color choices: off-white, light-gray, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple.

Classic Solid Lobster Buoys Samples