Peter & Nikki of Lobster Buoy

About Us

Both of us have fond memories going to the beach each summer as kids. The only difference is Peter’s family was heading to their coast of Maine while Nikki’s was spending their beach time on the gulf of Texas. But the love of ocean was the result for both of us.

Jump ahead twenty years and you will find us discovering adventure in Alaska. There our paths would cross resulting in marriage and trying our hand at commercial salmon fishing. After a few years our two sons came along so we decided it was time to settle permanently in Juneau, the capital of Alaska.

We always knew we would be returning to Peter’s home state. So in 2006 we made our way east to Bowdoinham, Maine, the heart of Merrymeeting Bay. We got the idea for lobster buoys as we began to explore the coastline near our home. And our love of amateur bird watching pushed us Made in Mainetoward the birdhouse theme. Imagine walking the beaches of Maine and finding an old cedar buoy tucked away beneath driftwood, sand and seaweed!

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